Gift Of Hope

Our Gift of Hope Manager Rosemary holds saved baby Zamir


As People of Faith who believe a baby is given a soul by God at the moment of conception, we reach out in love to frightened pregnant women in compassion and provide them FREE sonograms, shelter, baby supplies, educational, emotional and spiritual support.

Dear "Our Gift of Hope" Visitor,

Kathy DiFiore with 2 pregnant youth at Gift of Hope ClinicWelcome to our unique website and compassionate services. We are here to help you or your loved one make one of the most critical decisions in life. We are a faith-based organization which focuses on the needs of the pregnant women, before, during, and after she has her baby.

All of our services are FREE. We offer pregnancy tests which we will FED EX to you to find out if in fact you are pregnant. Sonograms which are listed by state on our website AND we in particular have opened our first Crisis Pregnancy Center with a sonogram unit in Englewood, New Jersey. We would truly be blessed if you would come and visit us there to discuss a possible unplanned pregnancy and together we would help you build a future for you and your baby if you are, in fact, pregnant.

We have four beautiful shelters where you can live for one year and sometimes even longer after your baby is born, benefactors who help support your college education, baby supplies, emergency grants and most of all our hearts are filled with love, understanding and joy for the work God has blessed us with - which is the honor of helping YOU in this most difficult and confusing time in your life.

Please pray about contacting us in this, your hour of need, and know that even though we have not yet met, we are continuously praying for you.

You are in our thoughts. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. May God walk with you every hour of the day. He will if you ask it of Him.

Kathy DiFiore, Founder
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart ... and He will direct your paths." (Proverbs 3: 5,6)


James, Gift of Hope Sonogram Specialist and Sidewalk CounselorRosemary, Sonogram Specialist

Each young woman who visits Our Gift of Hope Sonogram & Crisis Pregnancy Center receives a copy of the New Testament and CDs of the Gospels.  

Kathy DiFiore with Gift of Hope team members Rosemary & Dr. Allegra

Our Gift of Hope is saving many babies lived through our sprinter with sonogram machine which is parked directly in front of the clinic where women can received abortions up to 24 weeks. Left, is the Sonogram and OGOH Manager Rosemary, Kathy DiFiore, Founder and Dr. Diane Allegra who works with Our Gift of Hope's team to help saved God's innocent preborn.



Several Sources Shelters baby mothers attend bible classesDuring Bible study classes (left), young mothers try to learn how the Holy Spirit works in their lives.





Celebration Angel Cake after bible study

Above, each Bible Study is celebrated with a special cake. This cake featured the Bible verse that God's Angel watch over His children (Luke 4:10).  Some Gift of Hope mothers need to live at our Several Sources Shelters while others participate in the learning experience in our Bible Study, Chastity, and Motherhood Training Works at Our Gift of Hope's Office in Englewood.

Baby Jasiah


Housemother Carmelita (left) enjoys holding little, sweet Jasiah, 7 months old, as mommy is participating in another bible study. Someday she will be learning about the Holy Bible from her mom too.

Baby Zayden



Housemother Supervisor Jasmine (right), babysits Zayden who really would rather keep playing "soccer" than have this photo taken.