Mothers Testimonials

Jessica and her baby sonogram

My name is Jessica, I am 24 yrs. old and 6 weeks pregnant.   When I found out that I was pregnant about 5 weeks ago I almost fainted because I wanted a baby but did not expect to have one so soon. 

I made an appointment at the Englewood abortion clinic and brought my mother with me because I was afraid to have another abortion.  When my mom and I pulled up to a parking spot across from the clinic we noticed a blue van with a beautiful white dove on it.  We sat in the car for a while and just stared at the van and read the words printed on it. 

I walked across the street to enter the clinic when a women approached me and asked if I would like a free ultrasound and I said no I cannot keep this baby because I have been taking drugs and I'm afraid that my baby might be unhealthy so I took the material the woman gave me and went inside of the clinic.  I sat in the clinic for a little while and  my mother came in the clinic and told me to step outside and talk to the people who are giving free ultrasounds in the van we were reading because they said that they can help you. 

As the women was talking to me about how she can help me and my baby I could not take my eyes off of the beautiful blue van.  I walked over to the van and the lady opened the door and BAM!! What a knock out, this van was gorgeous. I stepped on the van and sat on the sofa and could not stop looking around at all the details of the van.  The women turned on the flat screen monitors and the van lit up with light so she can start me ultrasound.  I was afraid to see the ultrasound because of my drug use and the women on the van told me I had nothing to worry about and that she was very happy that I was taking the first steps in getting help for me and my baby.  The exam bed was really soft and comfy and had a pillow to lift my head up so I can see her do the ultrasound. The screen lit up with my little baby right in the center of my womb and that made me very happy to know that something was growing inside of me.  Just that little dot I saw on the screen changed my life forever because now I know for sure that I do not want to have another abortion, I just want to keep my baby. 

After the sonogram I sat up and looked to my right and I saw a collage of all the beautiful babies that were saved on this van and I also wanted my baby's picture to be included in this van.  I loved having my ultrasound on this van because it was so much more private and quiet than that clinic across the street. 

I now have resources to help me with my problem and will be seeking help thanks to this van being parked across from the clinic that I was going to visit.  I would like to thank everyone who has put together all the resources and this wonderful and beautiful van that provided me with a free ultrasound and a giving me a window to see my baby for the first time.

Thank you so much,

Jessica W

Angel with her baby sonogram

Hello friends,

My name is Angel and I am 24 yrs. old and pregnant with my first baby.  I live in Newark, NJ with my parents and I also go to college.  My parents told me to make sure I get a good education and I started out doing that and I got pregnant.  I told my boyfriend and he asked me what I wanted to do about college and the baby.  I told him that I was not sure what to do right now because I fell that I messed everything up for myself and may family so I made an appointment in Englewood for an abortion. 

On August 16, 2014 I came to the clinic with my aunt and sister to seek a termination of pregnancy and saw a blue truck with a white dove.  I noticed that the  people in front of us was also looking at this van.  The van really stands out and speak to people and tells a story about what this organization does for people.  I was approached by someone who asked if I would like a free sonogram and help with my pregnancy and I said yes I would but I can't keep my baby because I need to finish school and my parents are expecting me to do better in my life.  I listened to the women talk to me about healthier options concerning me giving birth to my baby.  I told my sister that maybe if I can find some help for me and my baby I might consider talking to the father and see how we can make this work. 

Each side of the truck has a beautiful white dove on it and looks really pretty.  The lady opened the door for me and my sister to come in and have a seat on very nice big chairs and there was even a couch.  Everything in the blue van was soft and comfortable, even the bag.   I have never seen the inside of a luxury van before but I'm glad to see the inside of this one.  On one wall was a collage of all the baby's that was saved because this van was parked outside of the abortion clinic, they were so cute!

When I saw my baby on the big screen in front of me everyone was smiling and sharing a very private moment with me and my baby.  I heard the heart beating of my baby for the first time and was blown away how loud and clear it was coming from the large speakers over my head.  At that moment I knew that I could not abort my baby after everything I have seen and heard in the ultrasound van today.  I would like to say thank you to all the people who run this organization, Our Gift of Hope, and that beautiful ultrasound van that helped save my baby's life.


Cynthia with a sonogram of her babyHello, my name is Cynthia and I have three small children and I had another son who passed away  three days after birth.  I live in North Bergen, NJ with my boyfriend.  I found out I was pregnant in end of June and knew that I had to get a abortion right away.  My boyfriend is verbally abusive to me and I recently found out that he is seeing another women.  I am planning to drive back to Boston where my family lives so I can get away from my boyfriend and find a job in the next week or so. 

On August 15 2014 I came to the abortion clinic in Englewood, NJ and saw a light blue van with a dove on it and as I slowly walked by it had some very touching words on the side of the van that spoke to me.  I went across the street to go into the clinic and was stopped by a women that noticed that I was crying and asked me if I needed some tissue to wipe my eyes and I said yes please.  When I finished telling my story to this young lady she asked me to come over to the ultrasound van for a free sonogram and help me get free insurance information.  Outside of the van was very pretty and had a lot of useful information on it about their services.  I walked into the van and I was impressed by the way it was so hooked up on the inside with all new furniture and it was very neat and clean just like the outside of the van. 

I know that God had blessed me with another child and I blame myself for the death of my new born baby in 1993 and suffer from depression.  I sat on the exam table and the technician asked it I would like to see my baby and she showed me two television screens to look at if I wanted to. When I saw my baby on the screen in front of me I fell in love and started to cry again because this little person inside of me is alive.  The screen was large enough to see the baby's heart beating and I could even see the baby moving.  

When the exam was finished I stepped down on the soft carpet on the floor and sat on the large chairs to take everything in I just seen in the van.  Being on this van has made me feel loved and knowing that my baby is alive because of this ultrasound van has made me want to keep my baby that God has given me and I will not go through with the abortion and I don't care if my boyfriend leaves me today.  I  would like to thank everyone on the ultrasound van for all their professional help and understanding at this difficult time in my life.

Cynthia S


None of my family or my boyfriend were supporting my pregnancy and I do not have many friends, so I knew I was going to be alone to the abortion clinic when Betty suggested I have a sonogram across the street.

Canadace's sonogram imageThe first time I was able to see the image of my child, I froze and a tear came to my eye. Seeing the heartbeat really let me know there was a living person inside of me that I needed to
take care of. Then, the ultrasound technician switched the image to a 3-D picture and I could actually see my baby's face in detail. I was told that I was having a boy. I cannot wait to meet him!

When I saw my son's face for the first time, I felt that I was in love! I will never forget that special day. The "Gift of Hope" team was so kind and supportive. I look forward to bringing my baby back to meet them so they can see what a wonderful job they do.

Candace's baby at 5 months They even gave me all types of support services and now I know I can provide for my baby.

My life is changing for the better because of "Gift of Hope".

Candace (age 19)