"Saved" Babies

Marina is a 38 year old first time mom who had two miscarriages and had just broken up with her husband, the father of her baby, when she came to Several Sources Shelters' Gift of Hope Sonogram Center. Marina was living by herself and her very ill mother lived in Germany. Marina was in between jobs, had no money and no health insurance to help her with her pregnancy which was high risk because of her age and her two miscarriages. When she arrived at Our Gift of Hope she had no idea what she was going to be blessed with until the ultrasound was done. Marina started to cry as she told Rosemary that as much as she wanted children it was not the best time to get pregnant. Marina smiled at the ultrasound screen when she witnessed both of her babies move at the same time.

A few months after her sons were born, Marina and her now proud reconciled husband visited Rosemary (the Several Sources Manager of the Sonogram Center) who held one of the twin boys in her arms as the babies' father said, "He is the fussy one but he sleeps so well in your arms." Rosemary knew these little ones in their mother's womb even before Marina took a look at them and felt as though she was a surrogate mother and part of the family. Every day at the office Rosemary looks at the sprinter and the ultrasound equipment and thinks about the generous benefactors and all the people who make it possible for her to watch life grow inside the women who come to Our Gift of Hope for their sonograms. Marina and her husband thank God for Our Gift of Hope for the free ultrasounds and all the information they were provided to get the help they needed.

Marina's twin boys, Max and Amir, born on 1-24-16, look so much alike that Marina must keep bracelets on them at all times to tell them apart.

"Saved" Baby TheresaOften young women who are pregnant and in High School worry about how they will ever graduate. Nalesha and proof that it can be done. When her family found out she was pregnant, she was told to leave. She found us on the Internet and the next thing you know she was living at our shelter in NJ, enrolled in school and the student who never got a grade higher than a C and was always skipping classes was getting straight A's. Now she has a beautiful daughter (Theresa), is in college in Manhattan and living back home with her very proud parents.

"Saved" Baby DestinyDestiny's mother was in college. She had everything planned out for her and her parents' support. Then she found out that she was pregnant. Her baby's father wanted nothing to do with "her problem". She called our 1-800-662-2678 (1-800-NO-ABORT) hotline and found someone who would not only listen but provide the counseling and guidance she needed to ultimately decide to continue with her pregnancy. Two years later she called the very same hotline to say, "Is there anything I can do to help? Without you I might have made the worst choice of my life. Now, I have a beautiful daughter, my family and I'm back in school. Thank you."

"Saved" Baby PatrickLittle Patrick's mother Jessica was only 14. She simply thought that there was no way she could keep her baby and abortion seemed to be her only choice. Then her godmother found us on the Internet and arranged for the both of them to visit our shelter in Ramsey, NJ. The next week Jessica moved into our home for unwed mothers and six months later her son was born. She is now 15, attending school, seeing her godmother and her young boyfriend too, as she attends our chastity workshops, motherhood training and even cooking classes.